Travel Risk Management and Foreseeable Risk

A security officer of the company must demonstrate the method and implementation, whereby anybody of ordinary intelligence can identify, document plus advance mitigate or eliminate dangers, threats and hazards that would ordinarily imperil a company traveler. Policies and notification that warn business travellers of risk tend not to bar legal recourse, set up events just weren’t foreseeable. 

Travel Risk Assessments

Your analysis and assessment of commercial travel related threats must be evidence based and can’t be fully outsourced to providers or others because business comprehension and obligation remains with all the person/s within the company faced with the authority and responsibility of duty of maintain business travellers.

Collection, processing, analysis and distribution of travel risk management elements such as traveler, location, past event, current circumstances, special attractions, forecasted changes and business activity must be inclusive of the procedure.

Consistency and clarity of travel risk assessments are needed if the process is to be replica table, transferable and applicable for all business travel.

Travel threats, danger and hazards relative to business travelers must be distinct and focused exclusively on business travellers and the action of business travel instead of bundled with broader business risk assessments.

Similar and exact acts associated with business travel and travel threats have to be evaluated for relevance and impact. Leisure travel threats ought to be regarded as also if proximate to business travel locations and business travellers. It doesn’t matter what the organization officer surmised would happen or perhaps the event that transpired, along with similar occurrences, proof process and outcomes are needed.


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